8 Foods to Eat After Surgery

Even with the latest advances in technology healing for surgery takes time and care from the patient. Your doctor will tell you how to look after your incision, when you can begin exercise and any other essential information, but what should you be doing in terms of your diet? Here’s a look at different food to help with the healing process whether you’ve had cosmetic surgery or a medical procedure.


It’s not uncommon that a patient loses their appetite after a surgery, but it’s essential that they avoid depriving the body of nutrients and soups are the ideal food to start with. Look for soups with lentils, vegetables and proteins to help your body heal whilst also being light and easy to swallow. Similar to fluids and water, soups are an essential part of the healing process.


Antioxidants help to boost your natural immunity against free radicals that are known to cause sickness, disease and inflammation. Antioxidants are found in most fruit and is one of the reasons dietitians suggest eating fruits daily. Lots of different berries are packed with antioxidants and eating a lot of fruit during the initial healing process can really help with repairing the body.


Similar to fruit, veg is also an essential for nutrients and the healing process with kale and other super greens being rich in antioxidants. carrots , peppers and brussel sprouts are also great for nutrients as well as boosting your energy after surgery.

Lean Meat

Meats are proven to help repair and build muscle which is why protein is great for people after a workout. Poultry and fish are the best options and it’s best to stay away from the red meats early on. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, tofu, beans and yogurts are all great sources for that much needed protein.


Eggs are a great source of zinc, which is known to help heal damaged tissue. After surgeries such as a breast enlargement bigger incisions are made and zinc will help the body heal much faster and also offer a more subtle scar after.

Nuts & Seeds

In terms of snacking throughout the day, nuts and seeds are a great source of zinc if you’re not a fan of eggs, or they don’t work into your daily diet. There’s no hassle with nuts and seeds so you’ll often hear these options mentioned when it comes to finding foods for protein and zinc. They also fall into the healthy fats category so they’re the best option for eating on the go and giving you a quick energy boost.

Whole Grains

Pain medications and the severe changes your body is going through can cause dietary problems which makes whole grains a great source of fibre. Whole grain rice, wheat bread and oats such as flapjack are great sources and will support your gut health to support your post surgery diet.

Every surgery is different and speaking to your doctor about what you need to do for a healthy recovery is always recommended.

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